Graphic Design

Client Testimonials

"Christie is a highly talented artist with a real skill for utilizing color effectively. She has a strong eye for design and takes input well while also providing multiple creative options for you to choose from. I would highly recommend Christie for anyone who needs a professional graphic designer who will work hard to maximize the results for your budget while delivering top quality work.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time
-Matt Dragovits, CEO, Creative Force Video Productions

“I worked with Christie on several film projects over 2009 and 2010 and was impressed with her ability to rapidly learn new software tools while also excelling in the creative use of those tools. At every stage of the productions, Christie always went above and beyond what was expected, and delivering top quality work! I would recommend her to any team looking for an artist that will add true professional and artistic value :)”
-Jeffrey Varab, Animation Supervisor, Independent

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Christie, who I see as a creative and determined artist. She works well with a team and is not afraid to think out of the box in terms of design and style. Her tenacity made her adapt rapidly to a new program she had to learn for the project at hand. Its clear that she not only has produced great work in the past, but will challenge herself with every future endeavor she chooses to work on. I believe her determination and own unique creative style will make her a vital part of any studio lucky enough to employ her. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her in the near future once again.
Danny Menendez, Character animator at Huhu studios