Software/Coding Knowledge

Maya Adobe Photoshop
Lightwave Adobe Premiere
Fusion Adobe Illustrator
Boujou Motionbuilder
After Effects HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP

Relevant Skills and Experience

  • Expertise in green screen keying, color correcting, masking, rotosplining
  • Expertise in Maya UV mapping tools, procedural and photoshop painting texturing
  • Experience in modeling characters and environments
  • Experience 2D and 3D camera tracking using Boujou and Fusion
  • Experience in keyframe animation, animatics and Mocap
  • Professional logo design and web front-end interface design
  • Expertise of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of HTML 5, PHP, actionscript and javascript
  • Traditional art background in oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, charcoal drawing, and photography

Employment History

  • Christie Coyle Design; Freelance Web/Graphic Designer (WordPress and Blogger themes, E-Commerce Online Stores), Web Developer, and Visual Effects Artist, 2009-present
    Create web sites for clients using CMS applications like WordPress and FlyingCart.
    Design every aspect of site, business cards and advertising identity. Create visual effects using Lightwave and Maya focusing on texturing, lighting and compositing
  • Ripley’s Entertainment
    Attraction Designer (2013-Present)

    Working in the Design and Development department, I am working on new renovations for the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 season. I design print work and murals for the museum rooms, redesign facades and signs of existing museums, and motion graphics for new interactive interfaces.
  • “The Blood” (Short Film) Orlando, FL
    Lead Compositor, 2011

    Camera tracked and composited 15 green screen shots from the religious short film “The Blood”. I was contracted from The City of Life Church in Orlando to assist them with the post-production work and it was viewed by a audience that gathered at the Silver Spurs Arena for the “Easter Experience”!
  • Dr. Memory’s Universe (promotional demo) Celebration, FL
    Texture Artist, Compositor, Graphic Designer, 2009-2010

    Created environments and original designs for the educational demo using Maya and Photoshop. Composited over 20 scenes for the demo using Fusion.
  • Magma Corps (Movie Trailer), Orlando, FL
    Graphic Designer, Logo Modeler, Texture Artist, Animatics 2009

    Created original art concepts for logos and later developed into vector and 3D object format using Photoshop and Lightwave. Also, used UV and image mapping techniques for texturing projects. For character development, I designed and created the motion graphics sequences in trailer using Photoshop and Fusion.
  • Star Trek: New Voyages Phase II; Kitumba (Freelance), Orlando, FL
    Modeler, Texture Artist, 2009

    I recreated the planet Quo’nos from reference from the older show. I painted the planet’s texture in photoshop, image mapped and rendered the planet using Lightwave. I composited and color corrected the passes together using Fusion.
  • Defying Gravity (Music Video), Orlando, FL
    Modeler, Texture Artist, Compositor, 2008

    Modeled and textured a downtown buildings and streets environment for replacement of the greenscreen background in the original footage for the video. Worked with the Art Director for the overall look of downtown textures. Once that was completed, I composited in the footage for my shots with 3D and 2D camera tracking, color correcting, keying out the green, and rotosplining.
  • Basic Matrix, Shreveport, LA
    Web/Graphic Designer, 2006 – 2008

    Hired as an intern and later promoted to a permanent position as lead Designer. Researched, developed and completed all aspects of design for web interfaces, Powerpoint presentation graphics, business cards, logos, web advertisements and animations, and tradeshow booth designs. Also, assisted in content organization of web sites using CSS and HTML.

Freelance Clients


  • A.S. Digital Animation and Visual Effects, 2008
    DAVE School, Orlando, FL
  • A.S. Web Development and Interface Design course work, 2006
    Bossier Community College, Bossier City, LA
  • B.F.A. Graphic Design, Minor Art History; 2004
    Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA
  • References

    (Available upon request)

A Little About Me..

Hi! Currently, I'm working in freelance web design, graphic design and CG in Celebration, Florida. I enjoy working as a freelancer, but I am searching for a more permanent position with a studio or company. When it comes to my work, I realize I'm involved in many separate fields of study, but I find that all my different experiences and skills work well together, molding me as a multimedia artist. In terms of my career, well, lets just say I appreciate and understand working in a small studio. In fact, every job that I've had in my career has been with a small business or studio. With that said, I'm very comfortable with learning new skills and software.
Whatever get's the job done!

Experience Summary

Graphic Design: 6 years
Web Design/Coding: 5 years
CG Artwork: 3 years
Traditional Art: 10 years

Notable Acheivements

2010: Awarded Artist of the Month by
         Infinitee Design Inc.
2003: Awarded Gold Addy: “Direct
         Advertising”, Louisiana
2000: Awarded National Dean’s List

Client Testimonials

"Christie is a highly talented artist with a real skill for utilizing color effectively. She has a strong eye for design and takes input well while also providing multiple creative options for you to choose from. I would highly recommend Christie for anyone who needs a professional graphic designer who will work hard to maximize the results for your budget while delivering top quality work.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time
-Matt Dragovits, CEO, Creative Force Video Productions

“I worked with Christie on several film projects over 2009 and 2010 and was impressed with her ability to rapidly learn new software tools while also excelling in the creative use of those tools. At every stage of the productions, Christie always went above and beyond what was expected, and delivering top quality work! I would recommend her to any team looking for an artist that will add true professional and artistic value :)”
-Jeffrey Varab, Animation Supervisor, Independent

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Christie, who I see as a creative and determined artist. She works well with a team and is not afraid to think out of the box in terms of design and style. Her tenacity made her adapt rapidly to a new program she had to learn for the project at hand. Its clear that she not only has produced great work in the past, but will challenge herself with every future endeavor she chooses to work on. I believe her determination and own unique creative style will make her a vital part of any studio lucky enough to employ her. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her in the near future once again.
Danny Menendez, Character animator at Huhu studios