Dr. Memory’s Universe, 2010
Created environments and original designs for the educational demo using Maya and Photoshop. Composited over 20 scenes for the demo using Fusion.

Car on the Drive Animated Commercial, 2013
This was a project that was created for a client from Celebration, Florida, Car on the Drive, a unique car rental service. I designed and animated every aspect of this video from storyboards to motion graphics using Adobe CS5 Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects.

Groupon, 2012
I designed every aspect of this video for Groupon. I was given a voice over clip from the company and had to visualize the rest with my design and animation. I used Adobe Photoshop and Aftereffects to achieve the look.

Jim Belushi Animation, 2010:
I designed the environment for this video, which means all textures, color, lighting, rendering and compositing. Our group created this clip for Jim as a possible animation television show for producers to view. All vocal material was provided by Jim Belushi.

The Blood, 2011:
I worked on this project for a local church in Florida. I developed the textures, lighting, rendering, compositing and fluid dynamics for the blood drip.

Dust Bunnez Run Cycle, 2010:
The Dust Bunnez is a very personal project for my group. We designed and developed the complete concept, even have a screenplay for a movie featuring these cute creatures. My role in this clip was texturing the environment and character, as well as lighting, rendering and compositing the scene.

The Defender’s Television Intro, 2010:
This video is the original television show introduction before it aired in 2010. Most of this video is my work. I designed the logo and then modeled it in 3d, textured and created lighting for the shot. I also rendered and composited the video.

Magma Corps, 2009
This was a group project created while at DAVE school. I designed the motion graphics and created the animation for the character cards. Textured the bike that the Argus character rides on. Also, I designed the poster and dvd graphics for the film (you can view these here).